Video is the third activity in the “Club of Discoverers of Digital Technologies” in the Czech Republic

The club “Discoverers of digital technologies” in Dobratice is slowly reaching its goal and the discoverers are waiting for the third activity. This is a video from the initial shooting to the actual processing of the shot into the final version.

Our discoverers started the whole activity by getting to know the camera equipment and their functionality with the cameraman Tomáš Vítek. Tomáš Vítek took the discussion as practically as possible so that the children would be able to design the script themselves and shoot and direct their own ideas according to it.

The discoverers were limited in themes to choose from.

The menu included the following topics:

“One day in our village”

“One day at our school”

“One day of one person (pet)”

And after choosing a topic, there was nothing to delay. Everyone filmed on a mobile phone, tablet, camera or GoPro camera according to their abilities. The footage was downloaded to computers and the Wevideo online program began to fulfill the ideas and plans of our discoverers. You can see their work here.

With the Wevideo program, the children learned very quickly and surprised their teachers in many ways. After all, you can also see their abilities from the tutorial for this program – here!