Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. v Bielsku-Białej

Regional Development Agency S.A. in Bielsko-Biała is a joint stock company with mixed capital, which are the shareholders: the city of Bielsko-Biała, local government units and companies operating in the Bielsko-Biała region. The goals of the Agency are implemented from the shareholders’ fund, funds obtained from its own business activities and other forms of financial support, including funds and programs available at the regional level and the European Union.

The mission of the Agency is to provide services of the highest quality through the activation of endogenous potentials and the use of available auxiliary financial programs, which are financed from regional and foreign funds and especially from the European Union.

Agencja’s tasks are focused on simulating and creating entrepreneurial attitudes. Within this area, activities are implemented to support and develop the competitiveness of companies and the region. At the same time, Agencja is involved in supporting activities in the field of bone marrow transplantation, in creating a network of collaborators, enabling effective connection and use of potentials of people, companies, universities, research institutions, business institutions and local and regional authorities.

The Agency also carries out activities in support of international cooperation, including the implementation of best practices and the establishment of business contacts.

The range of services offered by Agencja includes:

  • promotion of the region and its economic potential
  • comprehensive assistance for small and medium-sized companies within the National System of Services for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • the National Innovation System, including professional technical, organizational, economic-financial, legal, marketing consultancy
  • services in the framework of internationalization of companies
  • support for the development of new companies through capital investments in new technology companies
  • activities related to obtaining funds from the European Union
  • consulting activity
  • training and educational activities
  • implementation of international projects within the European Territorial Cooperation, the Horizon 20-20 Program and COSME
  • acquisition, management and turnover of real estate.

Základní škola a mateřská škola Dobratice, okres Frýdek-Místek, příspěvková organizace

According to the Education Act, the primary school as an educational institution is to provide basic education, to provide intellectual, moral, aesthetic, work, health, physical and ecological education.

ZŠ Dobratice primarily offers a pleasant family atmosphere and the idea of ​​a community school, a school as a community center, is a picture of the free flow of information, knowledge and skills between different groups of citizens, which leads to breaking barriers between school, parents, pupils, teachers and improving educational methods. The school is part of the community, ie the center of meeting, understanding, education.

The primary school in Dobratice is organized as incomplete with the 1st – 5th grade. The capacity of the school is 130 pupils. Pupils are educated according to their own SEP. All pupils are taught in separate classes. The kindergarten works according to its SEP for pre-school education. The school also offers many leisure activities, students can choose from a wide range (English, reading club, logic and board games, computer science, ceramics, singing circle, sports circle, chess, dance circle, floorball). These activities are led by teachers and parents. The school is part of the cultural and social events of the village. A wide range of activities is offered by the modern gym and school playground.

The long-term goals of the school are:

  • Maintaining the occupancy of the school and minimizing the departure of pupils to nearby schools.
  • Motivation of pupils for education, guidance for creative and critical thinking and problem solving, preparation for transfer to catchment schools.
  • Maintaining cooperation with small, incomplete and catchment schools, to enable the presentation of these schools at cultural, social and sports events.
  • Supporting the development of talented pupils, ensuring effective care for pupils with learning and developmental disorders.
  • Developing pupils’ reading literacy, through new methods, especially comprehension of the text, the use of information for personal development.
  • Focus on the development of computer and financial literacy of students, the use of information.
  • Pay attention to the modernization of the technical equipment of the computer room and multimedia classrooms.
  • Regular software updates.
  • Monitoring the quality of teachers’ work, influencing their professional growth, support of self-education, development of language and computer skills of teachers.
  • Maintaining a friendly atmosphere for all participants in the educational process (parents – pupil – teachers – public – founder), use modern methods of obtaining feedback.
  • Meaningfully fill pupils’ free time in cooperation with parents and prevent pathological phenomena.
  • To continue to provide a wide range of leisure activities according to the interests of children.
  • Make sure that all participants in the educational process are informed (periodicals, websites, cultural, social and sports events).
  • Involvement of the school in traditional cultural and social events of the village.
  • Achieving educational goals through new methods and forms of teaching (project teaching, sfumato, interdisciplinary integration, increasing computer and financial literacy and language skills, increasing the effectiveness of the teaching process, inclusive education).
  • Applying an individual approach to students, cooperation with parents and experts on the all-round development of the individual’s personality (harmonious personality development, healthy living style).
  • Close cooperation with kindergarten teachers (visits, events for children, connection between SEP).
  • Deepening cooperation with catchment schools (meetings with teachers of 6th grade, comparison of results, use of newly offered standardized tests, methodological meetings).
  • Cooperation with partners of individual projects in which the school cooperates.

The founder of the Primary School and Kindergarten in Dobratice has been the municipality of Dobratice since 1 January 2003.

The school associates:

  • Kindergarten Dobratice
  • Kindergarten Vojkovice
  • Elementary School
  • School party
  • School canteen Dobratice
  • School canteen Vojkovice
  • and sports grounds.