Next classes at the “Club of Discoverers of Digital Technologies” on March 19 in Poland!!!

On Saturday, 19 March 2022, the next classes of the “DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY EXPLORERS CLUB” will take place.

Within the next thematic block we will be learning about the world of film.

During the classes (especially the first ones, we will be doing various exercises).

In this activity, the children will be using the Windows built-in video work editor for editing.

As the number of computer stations is limited to 15 places, please confirm your attendance at the next class (by email: or text message: 572 514 339).

Workshop dates:

1st workshop day – 19 March 2022 (4 hours) from 11:15 to 15:15

2nd workshop day – 23 April 2022 (4 hours) from 11:15 to 15:15

Workshop venue: FabLab of the Regional Development Agency in Bielsko-Biała, 365 Cieszyńska Street.

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Plan of the film workshops

Day 1 of the workshop: 19 March 2022 11:15 – 15:15

First day of the workshop:

1. Introduction

– recording equipment

– camera, microphone, light

2. The role of light in film

3. Basics of film recording

– settings

– grid

– vertical or horizontal recording?

– exposure

– golden ratio

– automatic or manual recording

4. Scenario

– choice of subject

– idea for a film in the form of a script

5. Preparation for recording

– checklist

– test

6. Recording

– static and dynamic shots

Short break in the middle of the workshop.


Day 2 of the workshop: 23 April 2022 11:15 – 15:15

Second day of the workshop:

1. Getting to know the editing software

2. What a film is made of

3. Editing a film

4. Publishing the film


Short break in the middle of the workshop.